Project: The White Book Library
My Role: Concept Development, Research
Client: Københavns Biblioteker

The White Book Library allows people of all ages to learn from each other's experiences of the book they have been reading, this can be either recommendations for other books or simple and short reviews about the book itself. This is then digitized for the online platform and app so that both a online and offline service are provided. The physical review allows for on the spot and more qualitative writing and the online platform allows for more flexibility and accessibility. It all comes down to blindly trusting the people within a community and a feeling of collectivity through reading.
The books can either be covered in white or transparent sheets so that the stickers can be applied on this secondary layer, or they could be applied to an online bookmark for a more cost effective solution.


The aim of this 2 weeks project was to identify and find possible improvement possibilities that Copenhagen Library could implement into their service. With the motto “Getting smarter together” the goal was to create a service that would enable students as users of the library to improve their knowledge by collaborating with each other in any way.


The main goal of the research was to gather a better knowledge on the Copenhagen’s main library perception. We conducted 4 in-depth interviews with some users of the library. During this process a set of tools was used to define and understand the interviewer’s journey and experience with the library.
Besides we sourced other spaces around the city, where we conducted over 20 guerrilla interview, which usually turned into longer conversations, enabling us to answer to more questions and to define more insights

Experience prototyping

After formulating and analyzing insights, we found a need for less formal and more community based way of sharing knowledge.
As a team we defined a series of early stage concepts and a set of touchpoint to test. The goal was to create a form of dialogue between different visitors of the library. We verified if people were willing to share their knowledge and at what moment of their journey in the library. We then tested a series of ways to share knowledge. We asked for reviews and suggestions before dropping the books, we matched people studying the same subject, we used a series of placeholders to show willingness to talk and interfered with people entering and leaving the library.

Next, based on the previous learning, we covered a few books in white and added online reviews to it, understanding if those would have had an influence on the reader’s choice. This approach gathered lots of curious and quickly developed discussions around books. 

This is where we started working around the concept of The White Book Library. We develope a blueprint for the service. We took over and covered entire tables at the ground floor of Central Library and placed some stickers on top with our reviews for each of the books on the table. We developed a beginner’s kit with instruction and stickers. The kit was then sent to the managers of the library as a surprise so that they could experience the service as well.

Service touchpoints

The White Book Library has a few aspects to it; digital web and app platform to explore and share reviews, experiences and find new books through recommendations, as well as a physical aspect of review stickers on a book.