Project: Moodbox
My Role: Concept Development, Product Design, Code
Client: CIID, Arduino

Moodbox is a musical device that enables you to play with emotions to set the perfect ambience. It has been developed during the one week course of Physical Computing, taught by Massimo Banzi, Dario Buzzing and Ubid de Feo.

Featured: ArduinoAdafruittPortal

How does it works?

Using emotional controllers, Moodbox enables you to select and adjust the vibe of any space using four scales of emotions – from love to kill, serious to fun, chill to hype and dreamy to focus.

Emotions may be combined and fine-tuned with retro-style rotary knobs to dial-in feelings and get the perfect song choice. Like a jukebox, songs are queued once the selection is made. To provide visual feedback, lights also respond to the changes in mood, enhancing the overall influence on the space.

Moodbox connects to your Spotify account, with the rotary knobs sending information via a Genuino Uno and JavaScript to sort through a playlist. Our custom emotional algorithm then picks the right song and triggers mood lighting depending on the selection.


Taking inspiration from the classic bar jukebox and its ability to influence the mood, we recognized that music and the atmosphere created by it are inextricably linked. When selecting a song to play in a social setting there is always a sense of negotiation involved. The person choosing has to consider the environment, the people around them, the current mood and that they would like to create.

With this in mind we set out to explore new opportunities for interaction in the communal space, using the environment of the studio as the setting.