Project : Efflorescence
My Role: Concept Developement, Sound Design, 
Client: CIID

Efflorescence is the process by which salt rises to the surface of a body of water: that body water evaporates, leaving a coat of salt on the now dried wall.

Inspired by filmmakers' use of colors to evoke certain emotions, the Efflorescence team decided to explore this capacity through a different medium: sound. As described in the project’s description, each color has is assigned its own sound. The hue or tint of that color determines the base scale of a sound; the saturation measures the pitch; and the brightness establishes the volume at which it’s played.

The Efflorescence sound machine analyzes single frames and processes them until it generates 16 average colors in that frame, each with their own distinct sound. Those 16 individual sounds are then programmed into a 16-note step sequencer which plays through each sound, one by one, to a networked beat.

Featured: The Creators Project