My name is Luca Mustacchi !
Currently working @Things a design & innovation agency pioneering in IoT experience for humans as Interaction, Service designer and Ux Strategist, lecturing @Domus Academy for both the MA in Interaction and Service Design.

I grew up fortunate to be surrounded and influenced by art, design, fashion and people, in the beautiful city of Milan. These interests quickly developed into a passion that led me to study industrial design at the Polytechnic of Milan.

During my studies at Polytechnic, I also had the possibility to develop Jemp, Polytechnic’s Junior Enterprise, part of an international social organization. Jemp is now an established reality at the Polytechnic, with their own spaces inside the university.

While on a visit to Japan, Tokyo fascinated me and I experienced a brand new approach to technology. This lead me to CIID, a small school in Copenhagen with a well-respected reputation. During that time I deepened my knowledge about human-centred design and learned how to ideate and prototype complex design solutions.The end goal of my studies, my work and my researches have always been to ease and simplify people’s everyday life and I’m seeking for new opportunities to further develop this goal.

In my spare time I love to play with Touchdesigner.